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Save Little Bay is a community advocacy group which has been initiated to organise the local community's opposition to Meriton's plan to rezone the master planned area known as 'Little Bay Cove'. Meriton are seeking to intensify the land use from medium density to high-rise development, wanting to build 7.45 times as many dwellings as currently approved, in towers of up to 73m.

ABOUT THIS WEBSITE has been designed as one stop shop for community members and the wider public to find all relevant information regarding the Meriton proposal and why we think it is uniquely unsuitable for the area and has no merit to ever being approved. For additional, most recent updates and calls to action, please follow Save Little Bay on Facebook.

How You Can Help

It is our objective to run a well-organised, fact-based, non-partisan and agile campaign. A committee of like-minded community members has been formed and we are relying on voluntary support and pro bono advice from residents who want to get behind the campaign and lend their expertise. 

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